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Mass Appeal Appearance

Have you seen my spot on Mass Appeal ( A local hour long morning show by a local news station)?   It was fun to do, and I’d gladly do it again.  I was able to talk a little about the great aspects of Alpaca fiber, and about our NEW LINE of alpaca yarn called ALPACA MAGIC.    If you haven’t seen it, here is a link to check it out.  I’d love to hear your comments.

Also, I got the go-ahead to give the Mass Mutual Ins. Co. vendor market a try.  So I’ll be at Mass Mutual April 4th at the Springfield Location, and April 5th at the Enfield Location.  I can’t wait to test the waters!   I have it posted on my website.    Thanks for checking in!


It’s been a while…

Sorry everyone.  I know it’s been a while since my last update.  So here are some updates.

I’ve been busily weaving and dyeing – oh, and knitting and displaying the latest creations at the Amherst Farmers Market every Saturday ( 10 – 2) at the Amherst Middle School.  This will continue till the end of March.  Then with the rise in gas prices, I have decided to look for opportunities closer to home rather than trek out to Boston every Thursday.  I will miss being part of the Boston scene, but I won’t miss the drive nor the gas price to fill up my tank.  For those of you who are asking for me, I appreciate the thoughts, and you can always reach me by cell or email.  I do ship products.  I have a couple of very promising opportunities in the works much closer to home, and keeping my fingers crossed it pans out.

I’ve also been gearing up for the Spring Sheep and Wool Festivals, the 1st of which is the last Saturday of April in Vernon, CT.  Followed by Mass S&W  and R.I. S&W in May.  We have a NEW line of 100% alpaca yarn we are calling “Alpaca Magic”.  This stuff is gorgeous.  Again, we are hand dyeing, but this IS truly like magic.  If you knit with a size 7 needle you will get a worsted gauge, but if you knit with a 9 ( or 10) size needle you will get a Chunky gauge.   And it’s so soft you’d think it was angora!  These will be 100 gram skeins and will retail for $20 per skein.

So come by and see me at any of my upcoming events.  And if you watch MASS APPEAL on Channel 22 ( Western Mass) watch for me on Wednesday, March 14th.  The segment will be called Knitting with Alpaca.   If you come to see me at my events, you’ll see my new Dog Coat Model, “Snickers” my new Havanese puppy.  Maybe she can be a business expense!

Happy Spring!

Time to buckle down!

Just an update of when and where I’ll be.  I will be at the Prudential this Thursday ( 1-12-12) from 11 – 6.  However there is NO AMHERST farmers market on this Saturday (1-14-12).    After than I will NOT be at the Prudential for the next two week.  I am cutting back to once a month due to the fact that I have been unsuccessful in finding any weaving and knitting elves to make creations for me while I’m away doing shows and markets.    So cutting back on my schedule will give me time to get back to my looms and needles making more creations for next seasons.  I will also be making items more suitable for the warmer months as well.  Alpaca is NOT strictly winter fiber!  You’ll see…..


I will be making a couple of white rayon chenille wedding shawls, and some tencel shawls and scarves.  Great for those cooler summer evenings or chilling air-conditioned offices or restaurants.   I’ve had requests for baby booties and hats, so I’ll be working on that as well.  We will also be busy dyeing our NEW WORSTED WEIGHT ALPACA YARN, so luxurious it feels more like angora!  One touch and you’ll fall in love!  I’d love your comments on suggestions on what you’d like to see me make.  I will be updating my website show schedule soon.  Stay tuned……


What next Post-Christmas?

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Hanukkah.  Here at the farm, it was a very nice Christmas, and everyone ended the day saying what a nice day it was.  I’m not sure what it was, but it was pretty laid-back, relaxing, enjoyable day, and everyone loved their gifts!

So now what?  Well, I’ll still be at the Prudential on Thursdays (11 – 6) weekly until mid January.  Then I will cut back to approximately once a month.  You’ll have to keep tabs here or on the website to find WHICH Thursdays I’ll be at the Pru.   Amherst ( MASS  10-2) will continue every Saturday until the end of March.  With only about 2 exceptions, I will still be at all the Amherst markets.  I’m hoping to have more time at my looms and knitting needles now that the “rush” is over.  I have so many new items in my mind, I just need time to get them made.  All new and beautiful alpaca garments you’d be proud to wear or to give.  If you have any ideas you’d like to see me make, leave a comment.  I’d love to hear about it.

Happy New Year everyone!


Almost Christmas….

All the pre-Christmas markets are over.  Now I can focus on MY stuff.  But…..  I’m debating on whether or not to open my farm store for a few hours on Christmas eve.  Do you want me to open?  Need a last minute gift?  Or did you just procrastinate too long?

Then leave a comment or send me an email if you want me to open.  I will consider opening for about a 3 hour window, say…..   11 – 2.   But unless I hear from you, then I’ll remained closed and get to my baking.

Merry Christmas everyone!

There will be markets in both Prudential AND Amherst next week.

Only one more left……..

Only one more Saturday Amherst Market (10 – 2) and one more Hampden Hills Alpacas Farm store (Sunday 12 – 4 ) left before Christmas.  And one more Thursday Prudential Market ( 11 – 6).  Give the gift of warmth this holiday season.  Did you know……

  • Alpaca is about 5 times warmer than wool.
  • Alpaca does not contain lanolin like wool – a major allergen for a lot of people.
  • Alpaca doesn’t have the “itch factor” that wool does ( with the exception of Merino)
  • Alpaca is touted as Hypo-allergenic when washed.  There’s nothing to be allergic to!
  • Alpaca has fabulous wicking properties.

We have plenty of alpaca throws, accessories, as well as hand made shawls, coats, hand-dyed yarns and SO MCUH MORE.  Not your typical “mall” gift.

Hope to see you all soon!  Merry Christmas!  Let me hear your comments!

Christmas is Barrelling at us!

Only 10 more shopping days!  ( Can you hear my scream from here???)


Avoid the typical “Mall” gift!  Hampden Hills Alpacas has unique gifts for anyone on your gift giving list!  Exquesite hand dyed yarns, scarves, socks, bears, throws, hats, gloves, even coats & vests!  Give a gift certificate and they can choose for themselves.  (Sorry, you’d have to call or email to set that up.  But I’d be HAPPY TO DO IT!)

Come to either of the Farmer’s Markets on Thurs or Saturday, or to the Farm Store on Sunday.  Only 2 more Pru markets till Christmas, and only ONE Amherst Market.  ( No market on Christmas Eve).  If you have any questions, give me a call or email.  I’m happy to help.  See you all soon!  Merry Christmas & happy shopping!