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Time to buckle down!

Just an update of when and where I’ll be.  I will be at the Prudential this Thursday ( 1-12-12) from 11 – 6.  However there is NO AMHERST farmers market on this Saturday (1-14-12).    After than I will NOT be at the Prudential for the next two week.  I am cutting back to once a month due to the fact that I have been unsuccessful in finding any weaving and knitting elves to make creations for me while I’m away doing shows and markets.    So cutting back on my schedule will give me time to get back to my looms and needles making more creations for next seasons.  I will also be making items more suitable for the warmer months as well.  Alpaca is NOT strictly winter fiber!  You’ll see…..


I will be making a couple of white rayon chenille wedding shawls, and some tencel shawls and scarves.  Great for those cooler summer evenings or chilling air-conditioned offices or restaurants.   I’ve had requests for baby booties and hats, so I’ll be working on that as well.  We will also be busy dyeing our NEW WORSTED WEIGHT ALPACA YARN, so luxurious it feels more like angora!  One touch and you’ll fall in love!  I’d love your comments on suggestions on what you’d like to see me make.  I will be updating my website show schedule soon.  Stay tuned……



About hampdenhillsalpacas

I've been raising alpacas since 2000. I currently have 12 fuzzy critters, 5 dogs & 5 cats. I am passionate about using alpacas for their intended purpose - FIBER! I am a fiber artist and sell my hand-woven and hand-knit designs at shows and Farmers Markets & of course, on line at

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