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Almost Christmas….

All the pre-Christmas markets are over.  Now I can focus on MY stuff.  But…..  I’m debating on whether or not to open my farm store for a few hours on Christmas eve.  Do you want me to open?  Need a last minute gift?  Or did you just procrastinate too long?

Then leave a comment or send me an email if you want me to open.  I will consider opening for about a 3 hour window, say…..   11 – 2.   But unless I hear from you, then I’ll remained closed and get to my baking.

Merry Christmas everyone!

There will be markets in both Prudential AND Amherst next week.


About hampdenhillsalpacas

I've been raising alpacas since 2000. I currently have 12 fuzzy critters, 5 dogs & 5 cats. I am passionate about using alpacas for their intended purpose - FIBER! I am a fiber artist and sell my hand-woven and hand-knit designs at shows and Farmers Markets & of course, on line at

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