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It’s been a while…

Sorry everyone.  I know it’s been a while since my last update.  So here are some updates.

I’ve been busily weaving and dyeing – oh, and knitting and displaying the latest creations at the Amherst Farmers Market every Saturday ( 10 – 2) at the Amherst Middle School.  This will continue till the end of March.  Then with the rise in gas prices, I have decided to look for opportunities closer to home rather than trek out to Boston every Thursday.  I will miss being part of the Boston scene, but I won’t miss the drive nor the gas price to fill up my tank.  For those of you who are asking for me, I appreciate the thoughts, and you can always reach me by cell or email.  I do ship products.  I have a couple of very promising opportunities in the works much closer to home, and keeping my fingers crossed it pans out.

I’ve also been gearing up for the Spring Sheep and Wool Festivals, the 1st of which is the last Saturday of April in Vernon, CT.  Followed by Mass S&W  and R.I. S&W in May.  We have a NEW line of 100% alpaca yarn we are calling “Alpaca Magic”.  This stuff is gorgeous.  Again, we are hand dyeing, but this IS truly like magic.  If you knit with a size 7 needle you will get a worsted gauge, but if you knit with a 9 ( or 10) size needle you will get a Chunky gauge.   And it’s so soft you’d think it was angora!  These will be 100 gram skeins and will retail for $20 per skein.

So come by and see me at any of my upcoming events.  And if you watch MASS APPEAL on Channel 22 ( Western Mass) watch for me on Wednesday, March 14th.  The segment will be called Knitting with Alpaca.   If you come to see me at my events, you’ll see my new Dog Coat Model, “Snickers” my new Havanese puppy.  Maybe she can be a business expense!

Happy Spring!


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I've been raising alpacas since 2000. I currently have 12 fuzzy critters, 5 dogs & 5 cats. I am passionate about using alpacas for their intended purpose - FIBER! I am a fiber artist and sell my hand-woven and hand-knit designs at shows and Farmers Markets & of course, on line at

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