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New Colors & Prudential Market

I was busy yesterday in an all-day-yarn-dyeing session.  We got over 130 skeins dyed and added some new colorways, such as Gem Stone, Slate & Desert.  SO PRETTY!  We also dyed a couple of test skeins of some 100% baby alpaca in a worsted weight.  It feels SO LUXURIOUS!  Use it double and you have a squishy decedant chunky weight yarn!  Ooooo baby!  We hope to have this for sale in the Spring.  Sorry we won’t have it done for this season, but we’ve got to start somewhere!!!  I’ll have all spring & summer to knit up some fabulous samples with it to tempt you all.   I had one woman tell me I was EVIL for doing this!  Hey – whatever it takes……

We are looking at some interesting weather in the morning hours tomorrow.  Could make for a slippery commute to Boston, but I do plan on being there for the Thursday Market.  Come on out and see me.  It’s warm and dry in the mall!

CHRISTMAS IS ONLY 18 DAYS AWAY!  Give the gift of warmth this Christmas season – Alpaca!


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I've been raising alpacas since 2000. I currently have 12 fuzzy critters, 5 dogs & 5 cats. I am passionate about using alpacas for their intended purpose - FIBER! I am a fiber artist and sell my hand-woven and hand-knit designs at shows and Farmers Markets & of course, on line at

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